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Choosing and Planning a Career

Choosing and Planning a Career

Choosing and planning a career is a big decision requiring a considerable amount of time and effort. Our careers forms a major part of our lives and to a great extent shapes its course. For this reason we must give this task the attention due it in order to make wise career choices.

This is about finding what is best fitting for you; investing your time and effort into that field to ultimately master it. To find, you’ve got to search and this would call for some determination and perseverance on your part. There are many occupations to choose from and this task can seem difficult when you’re not sure which to pick especially if you have no idea what you want to do, or if various things appeal to you.

Puttingenough thought and effort into choosing and planning your careerwould be worth your while as you wouldn’t want to waste time training and working in a field that you realise you don’t really like.Taking the time to do this in a calculated way will help you avoid many of the difficulties that can result in your ending up in an unsatisfying career. Your effortswill be well worth it in the end when you enjoy going to work every day or at least most days.

It’s never too late to make a change in career if you ever want to or need to but always remember to choose wisely.

It will be unwise to pursue any career without confirming that it is a good match for you. Before you can choose theright career, you must learn about and assess yourself. This will help you in making a good choice. Your passion, values, interests, skills and talents in combination with your personality type, will make some occupations more suitablefor you than others.

Using career or self assessment tests, to gather information about your personality and traits would help you in deciding which occupations are a good fit based on them. Results from these kinds of tests are able to help you make a shortlist of occupations that appear to be suitable for you or careers you think are appealing.

Once you are sure of your choice of career or possible occupations you can pursue, explore them, and do your research, which involves some work. Visit the library, search the internet, read about work opportunities and levels in the career, and if possible speak to people who have first-hand knowledge about the occupations on your short list. Learn about the educational, training and licensing requirements, earningsand job outlook.Carefully take written notes of what you learn through your research, which you can refer to.

Parents and guardians can help children with their research, have discussions about the findings and encourage them in the whole process. But as early as possible in a child’s life, as parents we need to work to bring out the talents and qualities in our children and do all that we can to developing these including praying for them!.

It is common in a number of homes for parents to guide their children in choosing and planning their career which is brilliant but the choice really should be left with the child/children with parents or guardian supporting the process. Giving up making a choice of career and leaving it to others without considering your own characteristics can led to dissatisfaction. In families where there are family businesses, parents are usually keen for their children to train to work in the family business and carry on the family legacy. This has to be done prudently because what you would not want is for the wrong person to take on the mantle for the family business and for the business to fail or be lost. Every child should also have the opportunity to work towards a career they would enjoy.

To be continued.

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